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Brought to you by two pinheads and a cartoon character on Deface the Nation. Sad, so sad.


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Senator John Kyl from Arizona has temporarily stopped the “Tax the Crap Out of Them” measure that the House of Representatives recently passed in a 328-93 vote [as an aside, the 85 Republicans who voted for this measure…just step down or switch your affiliation – thank you]. The Constitutionality needs to be debated, but both the House and the Senate are racing to get this bill through.

“I don’t believe that Congress should rush to pass yet another piece of hastily crafted legislation in this very toxic atmosphere, at least without understanding the facts and the potential unintended consequences,” Kyl was quoted as saying

Interestingly, the House version has a 90% excise tax against the AIG employees, while the Senate version has only a 35% tax, plus an additional 35% levied against AIG.

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Just something I whipped up after listening to one-too-many people whine about AIG bonuses. Enjoy! If you want to use the picture, just provide a link to my site please.


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Chris Dodd (D-CT), the Senate Banking Committee Chair, finally admitted that he was the one responsible for the AIG bonus loophole language that had mysteriously appeared into the Stimulus Bill. Oh, he had excuses (more here and here), but they are irrelevant to one important fact. At first, he had told the American public that he had no idea how that language got into the bill. This is not a case of an honest mistake. This is a case of a flat out lie.

Connecticut, you elected a liar, there is just no other way to put it. So, all of those who whined and threw your hissy-fit over the AIG bonuses, please direct your anger at Mr. Chris “Liar-Liar-Pants-On-Fire” Dodd. Thank you.

Now that we have established that he is a liar, everything he has said, and will say from now on, is suspect at best. He should, at least, be kicked off the Senate Banking Committee, at best, be impeached. Dishonesty is dishonesty. Democrats need to show that they have some principles.

Yeah, who am I kidding?

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