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Nancy Pelosi has indeed jumped out of the proverbial frying pan, and into the fire. In her recent news conference Thursday, one brave reporter had the unmitigated gall to ask her if she was going to produce evidence of accusations that “the CIA Lied”. Taking a cue from Kabuki Theater and Bill Clinton, an obviously flustered Madame Speaker, dodged and attempted redirection. She stands behind her statement. She is not going to answer any more questions.

Typical of Democrats in trouble, she labeled the questions regarding her accusations as a “distractive mood”. By Monday, this will be considered old news. We might even hear “We need to move past all this divisiveness,” first by the talking heads of the MSM, then by her highness herself. The Democrats are amazing at turning bad news about fellow Democrats into uninteresting old stories, then turning those into myths.

Pelosi, and her fellow Liberals, honestly believe that these kind of statements do not mean anything. Lies are just as valid as the truth, and myths are the equivalent of history. This allows them to insert either lies or truths whenever it suits them politically. Like a child playing with Lego blocks, the mismatching pieces will not deter them from their overall goal – more power.

To say that this is frustrating would be an understatement. How do you argue with someone for which a legend can be supplanted for the authoritative on a whim? Reasonable people would throw their hands up in defeat within minutes. This tactic has allowed the Democrats to win most arguments by default, and it is repeated consistently to their joy. It must not be allowed.

While I do not know the legal details, it would seem to me that there must be some repercussions available to both the CIA and the House Republicans. Bold faced lies, especially those which are so detrimental, cannot be tolerated. Surely this series of events is actionable. Thursday, Representative Steve King (R-IA), read a privileged resolution into the House record. The resolution calls for the Speaker to lose her security clearance. This should be the minimum action taken, and I would add that censure be called for as well.

“If the Speaker is unable or unwilling to provide evidence to support her allegation, that she and Congress have been lied to by the CIA, the American people will be left with no choice but to conclude that she made this allegation for political purposes,” King concluded. “Until her allegations are proven, she should not receive sensitive or classified information pertaining to the national security interests of the United States.”

We can only hope that California’s voters, when next given the choice, remember that their representative in Nancy Pelosi is a known liar, and therefore cannot be trusted. This prevarication cannot be allowed to morph into a myth. Words must mean things and untruths and slanderous statements must have consequences.


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Scripture for the times

At church this morning, a responsive reading caught me as being perfect for our times. Many of us, disappointed over the direction of our country, are full of all sorts of emotions. Despair and anger do not need to be among them. We need to remember that everything is in the hands of God. It is Him that is ultimately in control. He placed Obama in office, and as counterintuitive as it seems, He is responsible for Nancy Pelosi being Speaker of the House. We must trust that everything will work for His glory. So on that note, this is Lamentations 3:17-18, 21-24 (NLT)

Peace has been stripped away, and I have forgotten what prosperity is. I cry out, “My splendor is gone! Everything I had hoped for from the Lord is lost!”

Yet I still dare to hope when I remember this: The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning. I say to myself, “The Lord is my inheritance; therefore, I will hope in Him!”

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California, I wish I could just slap you for electing this pitiful excuse for a House Speaker. Nancy is absolutely delusional in this interview. Is she projecting? Did she get into some model airplane glue? I don’t know, but one thing I do know is almost every word out of this woman’s mouth is an outright lie.

I was one of a handful of volunteers that helped to put the Birmingham, AL Tea Party together. I believe our overall budget was about $200. At no point did some “wealthy Republican” give us a dime. We did not receive any marching orders from Carl Rove, nor did we get talking-points from the Fox News Channel. If there ever was a grass-roots movement – this is it.

So, the only remaining questions is, why did she lie? I think she, and the severely Left-leaning media, is a bit spooked by more than half-a-million protesters. Yes, you read correctly, half-a-million. That is a movement. And this is only the beginning. The liberals are scared. They know they have severely pissed of the majority of Americans. If they lose control of Congress in 2010, they will be hard pressed to advance their agenda and the Utopia they believe they are ushering in will vaporize.

It is obvious the news media is incapable of reporting objectively anymore. One local broadcast Thursday morning so badly understated the Tea Party event it was ridiculous. “Dozens” of protests were attended by “hundreds” of protesters? I don’t think so. With that kind of math, one could say that Obama was elected by only “thousands” of voters.

Our local rag, The Birmingham News, sent a staff writer who proved himself to be no journalist. Jeremy Gray, opened with a fair, although understated line,

Across Alabama and throughout the nation, tens of thousands of people staged “tea parties” Wednesday to voice their disapproval of government spending and economic bailouts.

Jeremy, hundreds of thousands (and perhaps a million, the numbers are still coming in) of people staged the largest single day protest in American history. We were voicing disapproval of government spending, and the economic bailouts…which are part of the government spending, but also the government’s intrusion into our lives.

He continues with this outright lie,

At Hoover’s Veterans Park, police directed traffic as several hundred people gathered for one of more than a dozen rallies in Alabama and more than 500 around the country.

What time did you stop by Jeremy? We had several hundred by 3:30 pm. The event didn’t start until 6:30 pm. I have the pictures to prove it. We had about 6-7000 people there. Hoover’s Mayor had to write in and correct your numbers with his own estimate of over 5000. And “more than 500 (protests) around the country?” Yes, over 2300 is more than 500 so it’s not technically a lie, just stupid.

Here is another idiotic statement you made Jeremy,

The tea parties were promoted by FreedomWorks, a conservative nonprofit advocacy group based in Washington and led by former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey of Texas.

Hundreds of Conservative websites and blogs “promoted” the event. Thousands connected through Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. But your statement would lead a reader to believe that FreedomWorks was responsible for the Tea Party movement – and that makes you an idiot.

What makes this a political hit piece is the final 2-1/2″ of article quoting a statement from the DNC.

What’s clear is that the overwhelming majority of folks support President Obama’s plan to get the economy back on track and provide 95% of working families with tax relief. It is interesting to note that the folks leading today’s activities are the very ones that promoted, and benefited by, the policies of the previous administration.

First, Jeremy, I want you to show me articles where you covered Left-Wing protests and ended with quotes from the RNC or some other Conservative think-tank such as the Heritage Foundation. Secondly, there is absolutely no proof of the highly suspect statements made by the DNC spokesperson, Hari Sevugan. These protests, on the contrary, prove that the majority of people do not support Obama’s plan. Nor do we believe one word of the “95%…tax cut” crap. And finally, you benefited from the previous administration’s tax cuts as well, and if you were working during the Reagan administration – which I doubt – you would have breathed a heavy sigh of relief when he put the economy back on track.

Jeremy, you are no reporter, just another political hack like that brainless, rude tart Susan Roesgen on CNN masquerading as a reporter. You, her, and almost everyone in your profession have proven themselves to be untrustworthy and unethical. And then you wonder why your viewership is down. Hmmm…

If you would like to see just how widespread this movement is, take a look at Malkin’s site.

And speaking of the rude Susan Roesgen, here is the complete video clip. Thank you Founding Bloggers.

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This is a letter she sent to Attorney General Eric Holder on March 16. She will begin hearings to determine whether anti-trust laws can be applied in some way to help the newspapers, and I assume, silence Conservative talk radio. We’ll see.

Her letter

Tuesday, Sen. Benjamin Cardin (D-MD), had already floated a trial balloon of allowing the media to operate as non-profit groups. So far, no one has offered to co-sponsor the bill.

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House Speaker Nancy “I ♥ La Raza” Pelosi was caught on tape telling illegal immigrants that that enforcement of America’s immigration laws by deportation was “un-American.”  She went on to tell these illegals that they were “very, very patriotic.”  She failed, however, to mention that the words eminating from her mouth were treasonous.

“Who in this country would not want to change a policy of kicking in doors in the middle of the night and sending a parent away from their families?”

Ummm…I hate to break this to you Nancy, but no one kicks down doors in the middle of the night to arrest illegal immigrants in this country. That was solely the purview of the Clinton Administration and Janet Reno. But I have absolutely no problem with driving up to a construction site, or meat packing plant and arresting a few hundred. They can wave to their families from behind the bars of a prison bus. Yep, it sounds cruel, but hey – the law is the law. I’m sure those who think I’m being mean had similar fantasies about AIG executives, and they just picked up their paychecks.

Pelosi is on a crusade to stop the raids on businesses and deportations that are “tearing our marriages, families, and children apart.” Yep, while at the same time, causing our country to rot from the inside. And hey, no one said their families and children couldn’t go back as well.

(More of this on Michelle Malkin’s site here)

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It was a 62-35 vote late Tuesday. Now the massive $410 Billion spending bill goes to PBO for his signature, which is expected today. For those interested, the Washington Post penned a fairly complete story on the battle to pass the measure.

The Associated Press announced that after signing the bill, Il Duce will also announce steps aimed at curbing lawmakers’ penchant for pet projects. Isn’t this just a tad late? The latest version of the earmarks drizzled throughout the bill, posted here by Taxpayers for Common Sense, has over $7.7 Billion in pork.

Surprisingly, two Democrat Senators, Russ Feingold (WI) and Evan Bayh (IN) are urging PBO to veto the spending bill. CNN has that story here.

“But the bloated omnibus requires sacrifice from no one, least of all the government. It only exacerbates the problem and hastens the day of reckoning,” Bayh wrote in a Wall Street Journal editorial published Wednesday.

“Voters rightly demanded change in November’s election, but this approach to spending represents business as usual in Washington, not the voters’ mandate.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi released this statement. If you ate recently, I recommend waiting at least 30 minutes before reading.

The Senate’s passage of the omnibus appropriations bill completes the appropriations bills that the previous Administration delayed and rejects the deep cuts affecting our children, our workers, and our economy that President Bush proposed. Congress can now focus its full attention on continued aggressive action to strengthen our economy and create jobs, to reform our health care system to reduce costs and increase coverage, to move our nation toward energy independence, and to modernize education to foster innovation and competitiveness in the global economy.

All of the priorities that President Obama has outlined for the Congress this year are essential not only to creating jobs now, but to laying the foundation for prosperity for years to come. While this agenda is aggressive, we must do all we can to restore America’s economic strength now and in the future. We look forward to continuing to work with President Obama to achieve these goals.

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In a recent report by Fox news (link), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi commented that Congress needs to “Keep the Door Open” to yet another grab bag of ridiculous, mind-blowing spending. Apparently, Congress didn’t get everything it wanted out of your wallet, so they’re going to engage in that social taboo called “double dipping.”

Mark Zandi, chief economist and founder of Moody’s Economy, took a more definitive stance than Pelosi, telling reporters a second stimulus bill is necessary.

“We are going to need more taxpayer money … I think another stimulus package is a reasonable assumption because of the way things are going,” Zandi said.

The Obama administration has not ruled out a second stimulus package — should the current bill prove insufficient — but it has not indicated a second bill is currently in the making either.

More money? Are you kidding me? Has anyone in this Congress ever done anything but play with Monopoly money? They flat out have no concept of how the real world works. This has got to stop, but my head is really hurting from pounding it against the wall.

The current Real Clear Politics poll numbers are, for some strange reason, still high for Obama with 60.3% approving of his performance. I guess we know how many people actually watch the news and take enough time out of their busy day to form a cogent thought…the 28.4% that disapprove. Meanwhile, the tide has really turned against Congress. Only 32.7% approve (probably all mouth-breathers), while 55.0% disapprove.

And, since Obama has risen to office, is the country magically on the “right track?” Not according to 56% of the population…which is incidentally a higher percentage than voted for him. Yep, that “Hope and Change” crap is really working out well, huh.

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