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Let me explain…

Anyone who follows the NFL is aware of the state of the Oakland Raiders.

We suck.

While I don’t like admitting it, I know one day we will be back on top of the AFC West and the Chargers will be crying in their sleep. But here’s the thing… As long as Mr. Al Davis is in power, I don’t think we will rise to the top anytime soon. I love my Raiders with all my heart… hell I even have a Raiders tattoo! But Mr. Davis needs to be thrown out. He’s too much like Barack Obama.

“How is Mr. Davis like BHO?” you may ask…

Al Davis has been the owner of the Raiders sense the ’60’s and has been in control the whole time. Never had a General Manager for the team.

When he hired John Madden to be the coach of the Raiders, we were winning like crazy. He still has one of the best records for NFL coaches of all times… I THINK but I’m not 100% sure, but I think Don Shula who coached the Miami Dolphins in the 70’s had a better record. Anyway, Al Davis loved how the team was working. Everyone was happy, things were going his way, Madden succumbed to every last thing that Davis wanted. This went on for quite a few years… and then there was Jon Gruden. Gruden was probably the best coach we had sense John Madden and Al Davis blew it. For some reason Davis got it in his head that he needed to control everything. Everything Gruden did wasn’t good enough, despite us winning multiple games. (Mind you this had gone on with other coaches before Gruden, but none were quite as good as him.) Davis fired Gruden after six WINNING seasons with the Raiders.

Does that not remind you of Obama firing the CEO of GM? Granted GM was in a world of hurt, but why?

Now that we have had 5 coaches in 7 years, our team is in shambles. Davis feels the need to regulate everything the team does. He will not accept help, much like BHO feels HE needs to control everything with this country. Davis doesn’t trust anyone else to take matters into their own hand and has had spats with current coach Tom Cable and some players. Obama doesn’t trust the American people and therefore is taking it upon himself to try to control us all.

It isn’t working for the Raiders, it won’t work for an entire country.

While these two men may be smart, their controlling ways aren’t. Obama was right when he said the country needed change… but this is not what us American’s had in mind.


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You just can’t make this stuff up. As I discussed on the show this week — in words that may as well have come from Ayatollah Khomenei himself — Obama refused to “meddle” in the Iranian elections. By meddling, I don’t mean dispatching CIA operatives do sabotage the process, I mean commenting on the protests by the Iranian people against the process — which couldn’t be further from democratic. The French president even spoke out against the elections! It’s a sad day when the French are fighting the pirates and condemning tyrannical regimes while our president sits on his hands.

From the Telegraph (via Jihad Watch):

Barack Obama, the US president, is refusing to “meddle” in the disputed Iranian elections, despite mass protests over the result which returned President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to power….

President Obama said: “It’s important to understand that, although there is amazing ferment taking place in Iran, the difference between Ahmadinejad and Mousavi in terms of their actual policies may not be as great as has been advertised.”

Actually, Obama is correct — all “candidates” were selected in a process that excluded any opposition. But the protests may be as much pro-democracy (like Lebanon’s March 14 Alliance) as they are pro-Mousavi.

“Either way, we were going to be dealing with an Iranian regime that has historically been hostile to the United States, that has caused some problems in the neighbourhood and has been pursuing nuclear weapons,” he told CNBC television.

He said he hoped Iran’s leaders responded to outrage over an election that pro-reform activists say was stolen by Ahmadinejad, not with violence but by respecting the right to peaceful expression.

“Am I optimistic that that will happen? You know – I take a wait-and-see approach. Either way, it’s important for the United States to engage in the tough diplomacy around those permanent security concerns that we have – nuclear weapons, funding of terrorism,” he said….

“It is not productive, given the history of US-Iranian relations to be seen as meddling – the US president, meddling in Iranian elections,” Mr Obama said….

So how does Iran respond? An olive branch? Perhaps rethink wiping out the nation of Israel and put an end to killing our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?

The Associated Press reports (via Jihad Watch):

The Iranian government accused the United States on Wednesday of meddling in the deepening crisis. State media blamed Washington for “intolerable” interference.

We can’t win for losing when it comes to this new approach with Iran. We might as well have meddled, because the result would be the same. Whenever Iran, Hezbollah, or basically any other Islamic supremacist group doesn’t get their way — it is our fault. And as I said yesterday, conducting our foreign policy as the mullahs in Iran wish us to “violates page one, chapter one, verse one of counterterrorism: never appease, validate, or legitimize a terrorist.” Is our president paying attention?

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We here at RedDotinaRedState want to apologize to our loyal readers. It has been too long since our last post. But, we have good reason. There has been a lot of media coverage over the gift Hugo Chavez gave to our President – A book titled Open Veins of Latin America. Personally, I would have sent it back in the form of confetti…

What has not been reported is if, and how, Chavez inscribed the book. He is just too thoughtful a man to not have written some personalized message to the Commander in Chief. So we sent our daring reporter (and unpaid intern), Toshi Takanawa undercover into the White House – disguised as an Irish Catholic school girl on a field trip – to see if he could get a peek at the book. It was a dangerous and potentially life-threatening assignment, but Toshi took it all in stride.

The book was on display in the Oval Office, interestingly just sitting on the coffee table with a Hello Kitty bookmark stuck on page 108. While the other school kids were busy looking at the busts and other artwork, Toshi managed to snap this photo:


The flash bulb caught the attention of several security guards and poor Toshi had to immediately leave the safety of the tour group in an attempt to smuggle himself, and more importantly, the camera, out through the newly installed doggy door. Running across the White House lawn in a blur of red curls and blue plaid, Toshi actually managed to break two world records for the 100m hurdles. The fence surrounding the grounds luckily proved to be no match for his underfed frame and he managed to make it to the sidewalk – and freedom – with only two dog bites, some minor bruising, and one lost Mary Jane.

We had the inscription translated by our resident expert in Latin America – Alejandro Moreno, the gardener. The inscription reads:

To President Barack Obama,
It is good to see America in the capable hands of a brother of revolution. May this book give you inspiration.

Your comrade,
Hugo Chavez

This post is for entertainment purposes only. Any similarity to the actual inscription is purely coincidental. No interns were harmed in the writing of this post.

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