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Although Congress suspended ACORN’s federal funding and the Census Bureau and IRS  severed ties with ACORN, the scandalized community organizing group could once again receive taxpayer dollars – and soon. In addition, the federal government is allegedly still sending money to ACORN through back channels.

In September, both houses of Congress voted to strip ACORN’s funding. However Congress was unable to pass their annual appropriations bills by the October 1 deadline. The Continuing Resolution signed by President Barack Obama holds government spending at current levels until Congress can pass the 12 appropriations bills. The current resolution is in effect until October 31. Once the bills are passed, ACORN could once again be eligible for billions in federal taxpayer funds.

“There are 12 appropriations bills, each funding different government agencies and programs. Adding the prohibition language to, say, the Transportation funding bill doesn’t stop ACORN from accessing Housing funds,” Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R – Minn.) wrote  at Townhall.com.

In other words, every appropriations bill must specifically deny funding for ACORN in order for federal funding to cease.

Meanwhile, the government had to become increasingly creative in their efforts to fund the group. Just two weeks after Congress suspended funds to the group, the Washington Times reported  that the Department of Homeland Security awarded the ACORN Institute, ACORN’s non-profit affiliate, just under $1 million in grant money intended for fire departments. ACORN would not explain how the grant money would be used.

It now appears that the grant money is no longer destined for ACORN. But last year, the group allegedly received nearly $500,000 – over half of the grant money meant for Louisiana fire departments.

In addition, the ACORN Institute is still eligible for money from the Combined Federal Campaign, a federal employee charity program. CFC is the world’s largest annual workplace charity campaign.

“ACORN Institute is one of the myriad of nonprofit organizations that function with the express purpose of sending funds to ACORN through Citizens Consulting Inc. (CCI),” Anita MonCrief, a former employee of ACORN, told The US Report. Since leaving the group, MonCrief has exposed the corrupt inner-workings of ACORN.

MonCrief alleged: “During my time at ACORN I saw that ACORN Institute would apply for grants from charitable organizations that only gave to tax-exempt nonprofits, but the work described in the grant could only be done by ACORN. Like Project Vote, ACORN Institute would then ‘contract’ with ACORN to complete the promised projects. Also ACORN institute provides a way for wealthy donors like George Soros and Herb Sandler to give to ACORN and still receive a tax credit.”

In June, ACORN and its affiliated groups filed a lawsuit against Moncrief. Last week the defense fund Fight for Anita was formed to help MonCrief with the expensive legal fees and preserve her First Amendment rights.

If the government determined that ACORN was no longer worthy to receive taxpayer funding, they would have slammed the door shut on the group. But without pressure from taxpayers, the Democrat leadership will likely continue to fund and provide cover  for  ACORN.

[Originally published at The US Report]


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She also has a blog which is just chock full of insider information and goodies. She has appeared on Capitol Hill, yet for some reason, the heads of ACORN are still walking around free. This is a criminal organization. It must be taken down.

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