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Stuttgart, Germany – 16 people, plus the gunman, lost there lives in a school shooting today. The country is still reeling from two shootings in 2006 and 2002. Germany’s gun control laws, while draconian by American standards, did not help prevent this tragedy. Our prayers are with the family members of those who lost their lives.

While I hate to make a political point from this heinous action, the Left does it all the time. Each shooting, such as the one in Alabama yesterday, causes the gun control lobby to go apoplectic over the availability of firearms. It should dawn on most thinking people, that increasingly heavy-handed gun laws will never get the job done. The gun itself did not commit the act – a person did. Blaming the tool is madness. Something else caused these people to commit such a terrible crime. The sooner we can all admit that, the sooner we can find a solution.


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Deutsche Welle released this story today:

German Coalition Cabinet Agrees Measures on Top Managers’ Pay

Germany’s grand coalition is set to tighten up rules on executive pay in a bit to show voters that it is committed to social justice and has learned from the financial crisis.

Mr. President, this is not Germany! The U.S. government has absolutely no business telling any private corporation how to compensate it’s employees. Take a look at the Constitution once in a while…geesh!

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