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President Obama’s Tour of several European countries has afforded us a rare opportunity to gage his genuine, heartfelt beliefs about the country he now leads. While the MSM has been primarily focused upon Michelle’s wardrobe (how much has she spent anyway, surely not everything comes from J. Crew and Zappos.com) and effects upon the locals, Obama’s statements have gone largely unnoticed. At his speech in Prague he let this gem slip.

We will reduce the role of nuclear weapons in our national security strategy and urge others to do the same.

That’s all well and good Barry, but how – exactly – to you propose to do that without leaving our country vulnerable. He recovered, slightly, with his next statement from what would have been perceived as pure wishful thinking.

Make no mistake, as long as these weapons exist, the United States will maintain a safe, secure and effective arsenal to deter any adversary. But we will begin the work of reducing our arsenal.

Great, sure we can take a 10% cut off the top. Perhaps get rid of some nukes we’ve had lying around since Vietnam, you know, a good Spring Cleaning. I have no problem with that. But I have a sneaky suspicion that he plans to do more, he has mentioned this before as you’ll read later. We have already learned that our next generation air-superiority fighter, the F-22, has been largely scrapped. Pity, because pilots have equated combat missions in this wonderful aircraft to “clubbing baby seals.” I like the imagery when we are talking about foes of the U.S. I don’t want a fair fight – as if there ever was one in reality. I want our enemies to think twice before sending even one aircraft up to test the rumors of how bad-ass our Air Force can be. But back to Barry.

A crowd of over 4,000 school kids gathered to listen to him in Strasbourg, France. The opening act, interestingly enough, was a girl and a guitar performing “He’s got the whole world in his hands.” Originally a song sung by pre-school kids to praise God, but now hi-jacked to praise a man who has basically accomplished nothing except read a teleprompter well, get elected President (largely due to fraud induced by ACORN), and spend our grandchildren into oblivion. His aforementioned quote regarding nuclear weapons:

I will lay out an agenda to seek the goal of a world without nuclear weapons.

Again, we see proof that perhaps he does not want the U.S. to be able to deter an attack from, say, China or Russia. He does not want the U.S. to be as strong as we have been. Reducing the number of nuclear weapons in the world is just not going to happen. We can try to prevent their spread, but unless we unilaterally reduce our inventories, that is about as far as the world will get.

He took the time to mention climate change – and flat out lied with this choice tidbit:

We also know that the pollution from cars in Boston or from factories in Beijing are melting the ice caps in the Arctic, and that that will disrupt weather patterns everywhere.

If you are reading my blog, it is highly likely that you recognize this statement as a lie. It is just another imagined crisis, drummed up by the Left, to provide the “moral equivalent to war” requirement of collectivism. His next statement gives a glimpse into his mindset concerning the solution to the world’s economic troubles as well,

The economic crisis has proven the fact of our interdependence in the most visible way yet. Not more than a generation ago, it would have been difficult to imagine that the inability of somebody to pay for a house in Florida could contribute to the failure of the banking system in Iceland.

If symptoms and consequences are interconnected, then logically, solutions and preventative measures must be as well. This is very telling. Instead of leading the U.S. out of a recession, and by extension, the world, he is proposing a global response, and global oversight. This must, by necessity, lead to the economic subjugation of the U.S.

Then he apologizes, the President of the greatest country to ever exist in human history. The leader of the country which has aided countless millions of people in countless ways, apologizes.

Now, there’s plenty of blame to go around for what has happened. And the United States certainly shares its — shares blame for what has happened

At least he mentioned some of America’s worth, but at the same time downplayed our significance.

It was 61 years ago this April that a Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe helped to deliver hope to a continent that had been decimated by war. Amid the ashes and the rubble that surrounded so many cities like this one, America joined with you in an unprecedented effort that secured a lasting prosperity not just in Europe but around the world, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Then, in a brazen attempt to rewrite history, credits the fall of the Iron Curtain with NATO instead of Ronald Reagan!

Without firing a single shot, this alliance (NATO) would prevent the Iron Curtain from descending on the free nations of Western Europe. It would lead eventually to the crumbling of a wall in Berlin and the end of the communist threat.

But the icing on the cake, so to speak, is the statement that perhaps will define the Obama Presidency. It goes past calling Americans arrogant. Let’s take a look.

In America, there’s a failure to appreciate Europe’s leading role in the world. Instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.

The obvious is he believes we, not him, have shown arrogance and been derisive. This is a monumentally stupid and simplistic statement. It completely ignores the 200 year history the U.S. has had with our European cousins. The deals, the treaties, the aid, the relationship stresses – were all boiled down into three words: arrogance, dismissive, and derisive. But the more important statement was at the beginning, “Europe’s leading role in the world.” It has been over 50 years since Europe has been the leader of anything. We are the ones with the leading role in the world. England sometimes plays a supporting role, but world policy are pretty much what the U.S. and the U.K. says it is. It shows that Obama believes the U.S. should not have a leading role, that Europe instead should take the lead, even though “there have been times where Europeans choose to blame America for much of what’s bad.”

Again, calling upon collectivism he states,

America is changing, but it cannot be America alone that changes. We are confronting the greatest economic crisis since World War II. The only way to confront this unprecedented crisis is through unprecedented coordination.

Greatest economic crisis since WWII, I thought is was since the Great Depression. Which is it Barry? Your going to confuse the media like this. And calling for “unprecedented coordination” makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. And what does this unprecedented coordination entail?

All of us have agreed to the most substantial overhaul of our international financial system in a generation. No one is exempt.

We don’t need a substantial overhaul. We need the government to stay out of it. Of course the government needs to ensure people are not being fleeced left and right, but otherwise, stay out of the financial markets. Government interventions are the cause of every financial meltdown in recent human history. It has never been the savior from it.

So, when Obama returns, the real question will be, what has America gained? Has our standing been improved? Doubtful. Our NATO allies have refused further help in Afghanistan. The G20 has not agreed to Obama’s plan of spend then tax to relieve the effects of the recession. And we may never know what we gave to the Saudi’s represented by Obama’s bow to their crown – something that has never been done in U.S. history. However, to the MSM and many Americans, the trip will be a wild success, full of promising statements from the savior who “has the whole world in his hands.”


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I will be attending the Tea Party in Birmingham, AL on April 15th, and providing pictures and a report immediately afterwards. It will be held from 5:00pm to about 7:30pm at Veteran Park on Valley Dale Road. Let me know if you’re going to be attending as well, I’d love to meet you. Of course, if you’re not from Birmingham, I expect you to find your nearest Tea Party (you can go here for information).

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Grade Il Duce!

Caught this over at Right Voices. Go to this link at MSNBC and grade Obama’s performance. I’d like to see his negatives up a whole lot higher than the 24% it is at the time of this post. Drive the MSM nuts.

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The Tea Party Revolution has picked up some real steam (there are some great pics and videos on Malkin’s site here).  Dozens more protests are being planned (PJTV has a list here or you can go to Tax Day Tea Party).  Despite the thousands of people who are (and will be) protesting, the thousands upon thousands who wrote/faxed/emailed their representatives to stop Porkfest 2009, and the level of public frustration and outrage, we are being ignored.

When the protests first began, I recall seeing one quick reporting blurb on Headline News.  I still have not seen this story picked up by any major news outlet.  While it is possible that I have missed some reports (I do have better things to do than watch the news 24/7) I do recall far more attention paid to the likes of Code Pink’s protests caught on CSPAN.  I am not naive enough to believe that the MSM will give us the same attention, but the total media blackout is a bit spooky.  We’re not even being made fun of by MSNBC…nothing but chirping crickets.

An occasional story will appear like this one from the Village Voice, which is not really reporting, but seems more like snickering from the “popular crowd” during a grade school book report given by the class geek.

The best you could say for them was that they happened. Rightbloggers were the main publicists for the 40-odd rallies, and may be encouraged to have gotten even a few thousand widely-spaced conservatives to make signs and stand outdoors for a hour or two.

But that doesn’t matter: these rallies were not meant to sway ordinary citizens, who probably barely noticed them, but to assuage the hurt feelings of true believers out there in the blogosphere who will be delighted to hear that, in this Age of Obama, even a small number of people who believe the same things as they do stood in streets and parks and yelled in loud voices, as we reported from the New York tea party, to accuse Obama of socialism, communism, and fascism.

The right-wing (I really hate that term – but that’s another discussion) blogs, for the most part, are echoing and amplifying this protest.  At some point I expect a critical mass to be reached.  At some point I expect us to be taken seriously.  At some point…ahhh who am I kidding.  At some point the MSM is going to wish they never helped Obooboo get into office.  Sure, there will be those who will follow PBO into the gates of hell, but perhaps when Katie Couric has to decide to sell either her Park Avenue apartment or East Hampton home to pay her tax bill the new car smell might actually wear off.

In the mean time, let it be known to those on the left that this great country of ours is now truly on the wrong path.  And in no way is this similar to the “wrong path” that liberals decried at every turn when GWB was in office.  They could never actually point to something real – just hoist invective up the flagpole for their friends to salute.  We have the force of history, economics, and the dire warnings of our founding fathers on our side.  Whatever we do, we do not need to give up.  We need to continually say – in one loud voice – NO!  The American People do NOT want to destroy our economy or our political system.  We WILL NOT become a pseudo-fascist country without a serious fight.  We must shout this over and over again to all who can hear us.  The left got where they are by being the squeaky wheel, we need to go one better and be as loud as new break pads.

Keep the pressure up on your representatives.  Make their fax machines burn through toner cartridges.  It will help stimulate the economy and might eventually get the point across.  There is no need for long letters – they won’t read them anyway.  Just use these words: What part of “NO !” do you not understand? But don’t stop with just the representatives, let’s get the other government agencies involved as well.  Someone find Tim Geithner’s fax number and blow up his machine;  or the HHS director.  Better yet, here is the Department of Energy’s fax number 202-586-4403 (Secretary Stephen Chu).

Now for some good news, there is an effect occurring.  Those I talk to who once supported Obooboo (though for the life of them couldn’t tell me why), are now strangely quiet.  The effects on the stock market, and the real-world impact to their 401K’s seem to be chilling the fire that once blazed in their bellies.  The excitement they had now seems to be replaced with unspoken disappointment – like a kid who opens a Christmas present from their favorite relative and finds a sweater.  Normally, I would vote for letting Obama’s stupidity speak for itself, but the man is too damned dangerous to run around unchecked.  We need to keep the light on his past deeds and future plans, constantly pointing them out to everyone before the evil trinity of Reid, Pelosi, and Obama pull an Edward Smith and sink the country.

For if they succeed, “I told you so” will hardly seem like the right thing to say.

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