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Senator John Kyl from Arizona has temporarily stopped the “Tax the Crap Out of Them” measure that the House of Representatives recently passed in a 328-93 vote [as an aside, the 85 Republicans who voted for this measure…just step down or switch your affiliation – thank you]. The Constitutionality needs to be debated, but both the House and the Senate are racing to get this bill through.

“I don’t believe that Congress should rush to pass yet another piece of hastily crafted legislation in this very toxic atmosphere, at least without understanding the facts and the potential unintended consequences,” Kyl was quoted as saying

Interestingly, the House version has a 90% excise tax against the AIG employees, while the Senate version has only a 35% tax, plus an additional 35% levied against AIG.


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The $410 Billion spending bill is being held up by Senate Republicans (story link here, and Michelle has a piece on her site here)! Woohoo! Of course, this may be shortlived, they are only one vote away from ending debate. Reid will give someone a committee position to get it done, or offer to wash their car…something.

I loved this part:

And, to the embarrassment of Obama – who promised during last year’s campaign to force Congress to curb its pork-barrel ways – the bill contains 7,991 pet projects totaling $5.5 billion, according to calculations by the GOP staff of the House Appropriations Committee.

Of course, that “greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray” I’m sure comes from both sides of the isle. However, we need to encourage them, pat them on the back, and show them that this is what we wanted them to do all along!

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