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We will never know your names. We will never know the complete story behind the rescue of the Maersk Alabama’s Captain Phillips. We will never know, or comprehend the sacrifices you have made for your country.

We do know that the Media will praise Obama for his “heroic” action and “bold leadership” in freeing Captain Phillips. We do know that this will be used to further is political power. However, I strongly suspect that the standoff with the Somali Pirates could have ended much sooner had you been called in earlier and allowed to do your jobs.

To each and every SEAL who was involved with this rescue, and the rest who put your lives on the line everyday for our freedom – a sincere and heartfelt thank you.


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The Somalian pirates have just flat gone too far. Hijacking an American ship? They’ve got…guts…I’ll say that for them. More than our President though. I can only assume that Obama ordered the USS Bainbridge to assist in the recovery effort of the Maersk Alabama, it’s crew, and humanitarian relief cargo. What we can no longer assume is that our President will take any steps necessary to eliminate a threat to U.S. citizens (and he still hasn’t, he’s just hanging around at the playground).

In a bold and brave move (hear the sarcasm, feel the sarcasm), Obama sent…the FBI. THE @#$% FBI!!! (It is a good thing my keyboard is built from a solid block of aluminum, ’cause I would have killed a plastic one just typing those last words). The FBI is a domestic police agency! These people are not committing crimes on U.S. soil…hell, they’re not even on soil. These pirates are threats to humanity and should be treated as such. Scaring them with a U.S. Navy Destroyer is a good start, and according to a communication the pirates had with Reuters via satellite phone, it was working.

We are surrounded by warships and don’t have time to talk…please pray for us.

Oh, I’ll pray for you alright. Pray that you crap your pants when looking down the barrel of one of the most fearsome pieces of hardware in the U.S. arsenal – the Apache Helicopter. I’ll pray you do the right thing – chuck your weapons overboard, swim back to Somalia (especially since you’re out of gas), and take up farming.

My hat goes up to the brave crew and captain of the M. Alabama. They, at least, had the guts to take their ship back. The captain also had the guts, and character, to trade himself for the crew. That is more than I can say for our esteemed leader and his incompetent Attorney General, Eric Holder, who’s only response was to say that the United States will take whatever steps are needed to protect U.S. shipping interests against pirates.

Whatever steps are needed? What is needed is for you to sit down and shut up while the adults take care of this! Eric, you should not even be involved, this is not a criminal action. Piracy has not been a problem for the U.S. in over 200 years because we blew them out of the water. It will continue unless we blow them out of the water. Sending some suit with a law degree is not going to earn their respect and win their favor. Massive firepower will. But this is just typical of an administration that is so wrapped up in itself it can’t call a terrorist a terrorist. So to hell with the suits, send in the gunships.

(The above picture is an image of the pirates with an Apache I photoshopped in. That is how you are supposed to take care of these pieces of filth.)

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