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This is one of the best written and insightful articles into the mind of the average Liberal voter. Not the power brokers who merely want power, but the normal looking guy on the street who drives an Acura sporting an Obama bumper sticker. If you read one blog post today, make it this one.

Here is the link again.


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Luke Skywalker believed in there was good in his father. Oh, he and Vader fought, but Luke’s belief kept him from killing the fearsome, dark Jedi Knight. Near the end of the final Star Wars movie, Darth Vader has had a change of heart regarding his evil ways, and dying in Luke’s arms (sniff!), he admits that Luke had been right about him all along. That may be stretching this literary instrument a bit, but I have had my first glimpse at the Right in Arianna Huffington’s Leftist heart. The AIG boondoggle has shaken her faith in Government (link).

While she misses a couple of points, and stops short of logical extension, her frustration with the Senate’s inability to discover who “removed” Chris Dodd’s anti-bonus amendment from the Stimulus Bill has got her asking some tough questions.

Think about that for a second. We live in a country where one of the 100 most powerful people in government, the cosponsor of the amendment in question, has no clue how it got removed in the Senate-House conference committee — or if it was taken out of the legislation even before it made it into conference.

And, so far, no one in the administration of a president who promised that transparency would be a “touchstone” of his presidency has demanded that whoever killed the provision step forward and own up to it.

Arrgghh! Arianna, follow through! If this happens on one tiny amendment, what else is in, or has been left out of, the Bill. The Stimulus Bill requires entire forests to be leveled just to print it (not to mention all that nasty, carbon based ink)! For that matter, how can you trust a government this inept? By extention, how can you trust government? She meanders a bit before coming to another, startlingly lucid thought regarding “Change”:

Have you noticed how, whenever there is a serious effort to put an end to business-as-usual, we are warned by insiders like Paulson and Summers that the result will be the end of civilization?

That is how we got here! Conservatives were absolutely jumping up and down trying to stop bailout after bailout, then the Stimulus, then the Omnibus. There needs to be an open debate over all of this. So perhaps you and I can agree not to ramrod through Obama’s Budget Proposal before anyone has had a chance to read and debate it? Will you support that?

[listen to me, like Arianna Huffington is actually going to read my little blog]

Moving on:

“This lack of transparency — and the lack of accountability that results — is one of the most significant threats to our democracy,” Wyden told me. “This is not at all how the civics books tell us the system is suppose to work. What we have here is a prime example of Washington deny, defer, delay.”

He’s right. We deserve better. Let’s make this D.C. mystery the cause célèbre it deserves to be. Let’s demand that the White House live up to its vows of transparency.

Demanding transparency is not the answer you seek Arianna. The answer is that government is not to be trusted – ever, with anything. That is one of the cornerstones of Conservative thought. So, Arianna, there just may be some Right in you after all.

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I never had a chance to vote for Reagan. He was out of office by the time I was voting age. I did, however get to vote for his successor, George H. W. Bush. While I recognized that there were non-trivial differences between the two, in my naivete they were negligible. Fast forward to Bush’s ’92 defeat by Bill Clinton. Every Republican knew why Bush lost, outrage over his 1988 “Read my lips, no new taxes” promise that he broke pushed almost 19% of the his base to vote for Ross Perot. He did not break this pledge deliberately, he believed Democrats, who hung him out to dry. It was during that time that I almost became a Libertarian.

I did not like what I was seeing. Democrats were moving further to the left towards a different “-ism”, and Republicans were sounding like Democrats. The slide started much earlier than even Eisenhower’s “Dynamic Conservatism”. Going back to Herbert Hoover’s administration we find he had a distaste for laissez-faire thinking. He increased regulations, tarrifs, and even proposed the Department of Education and advocated for a senior pension program which became Social Security.

In fact, you have to go back to Calvin Coolidge to find a true Conservative. Not perfect, sure, but far closer to anything we have seen in the White House in 80 years…with the notable exception of Ronald Reagan. As much maligned by Democrats as G. W. Bush was, he was closer to their heroes than people will admit. I sit and wonder, with a smile on my face, what our current Democratic party would say about Coolidge.

Well, I don’t have to wonder. All I need to do is listen to what they say about Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin and amplify the volume by an order of magnitude. These two men are undoubtedly the leaders of the Conservative Movement within the Republican Party. It absolutely makes my blood boil to see Rush mistakenly identified as the leader of the Republican Party – usually by some MSM talking head who does not know history, nor understand the difference, or care. Many of us wish he would head the Republican Party, but the truth is he and Levin do far more good as spokespeople for the movement. I hope the RNC Chairman Mr. Steele understands that, but I doubt it. He appears to be as weak as our previous party leaders, and almost all of our representatives in Congress.

Conservatives imagine a completely different America than what exists now. What we were as a country and people has been gone for so long that there is almost no one alive who can remember it. An America where the populace and businesses are not neutered by their Federal Government. An America where the entire government sticks to the job of protecting the rights of the governed, and obeys the restrictions set down for it in our Constitution. An America without massive red tape, capital reducing regulations, and burdensome taxation. An America with a truly free population of citizens, equal in opportunity, and in responsibility.

The majority of Republicans believed in this imaginary country long ago, but our party was hijacked by those who only sought to increase power for themselves. Every American paid the price for electing these men and women. We paid the price in our freedom and our children’s freedom. Each generation that has passed since 1929 has seen freedom taken from it. Slowly, in most cases, rapidly in a few. That freedom will never come back unless the Conservative Movement rises again to prominence. We need a true Conservative to lead the Republican Party. Someone with the same dream. Someone with the guts to tear apart the massive government bureaucracy that stifles us all. Hopefully, if Americans once again get a taste of real freedom, they will be far less likely to give it away as easily.

For those who still believe that George W. Bush was a conservative, learn history.

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Benjamin Weingarten wrote an article for Citizen Economists yesterday that was absolutely perfect. It’s called 10 American Principles to Ponder, and personally, I’m sending copies to my representatives right now.

Bravo Ben!

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