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Senator Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), Budget Committee Chairman, announced this evening that Congressional Democrats and Obama have reached an agreement on the budget.

The budget plan, which takes effect on October 1st, is still a ridiculous $3.5 Trillion dollars, it still has tax increases for those earning more than $200,000 per year (and $250,000 per couple), however, Obama’s oft lauded tax cuts for 95% of working families will evaporate next year.

The reason for the early withdrawal of promised tax cuts is obvious, there is just not enough money to pay for everything by only taxing “the rich.” Even with “unrealistic” cuts to the war and defense budgets, on top of a $10 billion per year cut to Obama’s desired $50 billion increase in domestic programs (and capped the rate of increase to only 2.9% per year – which is unlikely to hold), there is still just not enough wealth to spread around. Conrad said

I think this is a good budget, but much more will have to be done to get us on a more sustainable course, including slowing the growth of benefit programs like Medicare and overhauling the tax code.

The Democrats are confident the budget will pass both Houses by Wednesday. However the more dangerous part of the agreement is that the budget plan would prevent Senate Republicans from stopping, or delaying, Obama’s plan to vastly expand taxpayer funded health care when it advances this fall.

We’ll have to keep our eyes on this one. Perhaps the T-Day protest on July 4th will cause some more Blue-Dog Democrats to side with the American People.


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This speech was so good, I just had to post the transcript.

Americans have serious concerns about this budget and the massive amount of spending, taxing, and borrowing that it calls for in the middle of a recession. And they are also increasingly concerned that Democrat leaders in Washington seem to be less and less straightforward about what they’re doing these days on Capitol Hill.

Americans were upset to learn that a provision was quietly dropped from the stimulus bill that would have kept taxpayer dollars from going to executives at failed financial firms, but they were equally upset at how those bonuses came about. The language blocking them was quietly stripped from the bill in a closed conference room somewhere in the Capitol, without anybody looking. A few days after that, openness took another holiday on Capitol Hill when Democrat leaders announced new budget gimmicks that had the effect of concealing the true long-term cost of the administration’s $3.6 trillion budget.

And now the questions about diminishing transparency relate to the budget itself, a budget that almost makes the trillion dollar stimulus bill look fiscally responsible by comparison. Everyone knows that the national debt is already too high, and that this budget would cause that debt to balloon even more, doubling it in five years and tripling it in 10.

Yet even with all that borrowing, the administration still won’t have enough money to pay for the massive expansion of government outlined in its budget. In order to cover the cost, they propose two things: a tax on income that hits small businesses hard, and a new national energy tax that would hit every American household and business. But the Democrat budget writers had a problem, this new energy tax is deeply unpopular, and it’s a serious job killer.

According to some estimates, this tax could cost every American household up to $3,100 a year just for doing the same things people have always done, like turning on the lights and doing laundry. It’s also a tax on all economic activity, from factory floors to front offices. This tax won’t just hit American households, it will cost us jobs.

Another problem was that virtually all Republicans and a lot of Democrats agree with most Americans that this new national energy tax is a terrible idea – that we can’t afford it. And yet, without this tax, there is just no other way for Democrat leaders to pay for all of thenew government programs that the administration wants.

The solution to the problem was this – Democrat budget writers decided to use a rule that allows them to fast-track legislation down the road, including potentially the new energy tax, without any input from Democrats and Republicans who either have serious concerns about this tax, or who oppose it alltogether. The Chairman of the Budget Committee argues that his version of the budget resolution doesn’t allow this avenue for fast-tracking legislation on an energy tax, and that may be so. But we also know two things: first, that the language House budget writers have used in their budget resolution leaves the door wide open to include the energy tax, and that Democrats need this tax as a slush fund to pay for all the new programs this budget crates.

Americans don’t need another $3,100 added onto their tax bill. But just as worrisome is the method that is being used to ram this tax through Congress. Lay the groundwork, keep it quiet, then rush it through with as little transparency and as little debate as possible. If there is anything we have learned over the last few weeks, it’s that the American people want more people watching the store, not less.

If the bonuses taught us anything at all, it’s that Americans think we should take more time, not less, when considering how to spend their money. If Democrat leaders intend to pay for all the administration’s programs with a new energy tax, they should say so now, bring it to the full Senate, and let the people decide. Anything less on a policy shift of this magnitude betrays a troubling lack of straightforwardness about Democrats’ plans for imposing a massive new tax on the American people and American businesses.

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And remember, this does not include the, roughly $58 Trillion in un-funded liabilities such as Medicare. But the numbers do include two wars, and a string of money to rebuild after hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural disasters.

From The Heritage Foundation.

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Michael Ramirez
Editorial Cartoonist for Investor’s Business Daily

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Today, beginning in Washington D.C., a group called Organizing for America (probably an ACORN front group) sent volunteers to the capitol’s Metro stops to drum up support for Il Duce’s asinine budget proposal. Over the next week, members in all 50 States (or 57, depending on who you ask) will be canvassing door to door.

Do what ever you can (that is legal). Steal their clipboards, waste their time, talk to them about Jesus (actually, this is a great way to share the Gospel), anything to hamper their mission – but most important – have fun!

More here.

Well, more of another idea. I stumbled across The Other McCain‘s blog and found his take on ideas. Check it out here.

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Good luck finding this on the MSM channels.

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Il Duce is about to unveil his budget for the next year. I had a post earlier that provided the blueprint, but was missing specifics. The specifics are about to be unveiled, and I will post them as soon as they are released – so stay tuned! He is going to need help “selling” this plan to the American people, so beware of ACORN volunteers sneaking up and clubbing you with a baseball bat.

“We can’t leave this important debate up to a Washington establishment that doesn’t welcome change,” wrote Mitch Stewart, who heads Organizing for America, the grassroots group that evolved from Obama’s presidential run.

Those who thought that the tax increases were just going to be on the “wealthy” – how does that shoe taste? This budget will cost $10,000 per American or over $30,000 per Taxpayer. And that is in addition to the $2,000,000,000,000 cashectemy he has already performed!

As the sign says…Chains We Can Believe In.

We know that volunteers will be going door-to-door collecting signatures in support of his budget (more on that here).  Please, please – when the Obama-zombies show up at your house, act like you’re going to sign, then steal their clipboard – no, I’m serious!  Run into the house, then when they start knocking, either show them your .45 or call the cops.

Refuse to take this crap lying down!!

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