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California, I wish I could just slap you for electing this pitiful excuse for a House Speaker. Nancy is absolutely delusional in this interview. Is she projecting? Did she get into some model airplane glue? I don’t know, but one thing I do know is almost every word out of this woman’s mouth is an outright lie.

I was one of a handful of volunteers that helped to put the Birmingham, AL Tea Party together. I believe our overall budget was about $200. At no point did some “wealthy Republican” give us a dime. We did not receive any marching orders from Carl Rove, nor did we get talking-points from the Fox News Channel. If there ever was a grass-roots movement – this is it.

So, the only remaining questions is, why did she lie? I think she, and the severely Left-leaning media, is a bit spooked by more than half-a-million protesters. Yes, you read correctly, half-a-million. That is a movement. And this is only the beginning. The liberals are scared. They know they have severely pissed of the majority of Americans. If they lose control of Congress in 2010, they will be hard pressed to advance their agenda and the Utopia they believe they are ushering in will vaporize.

It is obvious the news media is incapable of reporting objectively anymore. One local broadcast Thursday morning so badly understated the Tea Party event it was ridiculous. “Dozens” of protests were attended by “hundreds” of protesters? I don’t think so. With that kind of math, one could say that Obama was elected by only “thousands” of voters.

Our local rag, The Birmingham News, sent a staff writer who proved himself to be no journalist. Jeremy Gray, opened with a fair, although understated line,

Across Alabama and throughout the nation, tens of thousands of people staged “tea parties” Wednesday to voice their disapproval of government spending and economic bailouts.

Jeremy, hundreds of thousands (and perhaps a million, the numbers are still coming in) of people staged the largest single day protest in American history. We were voicing disapproval of government spending, and the economic bailouts…which are part of the government spending, but also the government’s intrusion into our lives.

He continues with this outright lie,

At Hoover’s Veterans Park, police directed traffic as several hundred people gathered for one of more than a dozen rallies in Alabama and more than 500 around the country.

What time did you stop by Jeremy? We had several hundred by 3:30 pm. The event didn’t start until 6:30 pm. I have the pictures to prove it. We had about 6-7000 people there. Hoover’s Mayor had to write in and correct your numbers with his own estimate of over 5000. And “more than 500 (protests) around the country?” Yes, over 2300 is more than 500 so it’s not technically a lie, just stupid.

Here is another idiotic statement you made Jeremy,

The tea parties were promoted by FreedomWorks, a conservative nonprofit advocacy group based in Washington and led by former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey of Texas.

Hundreds of Conservative websites and blogs “promoted” the event. Thousands connected through Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. But your statement would lead a reader to believe that FreedomWorks was responsible for the Tea Party movement – and that makes you an idiot.

What makes this a political hit piece is the final 2-1/2″ of article quoting a statement from the DNC.

What’s clear is that the overwhelming majority of folks support President Obama’s plan to get the economy back on track and provide 95% of working families with tax relief. It is interesting to note that the folks leading today’s activities are the very ones that promoted, and benefited by, the policies of the previous administration.

First, Jeremy, I want you to show me articles where you covered Left-Wing protests and ended with quotes from the RNC or some other Conservative think-tank such as the Heritage Foundation. Secondly, there is absolutely no proof of the highly suspect statements made by the DNC spokesperson, Hari Sevugan. These protests, on the contrary, prove that the majority of people do not support Obama’s plan. Nor do we believe one word of the “95%…tax cut” crap. And finally, you benefited from the previous administration’s tax cuts as well, and if you were working during the Reagan administration – which I doubt – you would have breathed a heavy sigh of relief when he put the economy back on track.

Jeremy, you are no reporter, just another political hack like that brainless, rude tart Susan Roesgen on CNN masquerading as a reporter. You, her, and almost everyone in your profession have proven themselves to be untrustworthy and unethical. And then you wonder why your viewership is down. Hmmm…

If you would like to see just how widespread this movement is, take a look at Malkin’s site.

And speaking of the rude Susan Roesgen, here is the complete video clip. Thank you Founding Bloggers.


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We will never know your names. We will never know the complete story behind the rescue of the Maersk Alabama’s Captain Phillips. We will never know, or comprehend the sacrifices you have made for your country.

We do know that the Media will praise Obama for his “heroic” action and “bold leadership” in freeing Captain Phillips. We do know that this will be used to further is political power. However, I strongly suspect that the standoff with the Somali Pirates could have ended much sooner had you been called in earlier and allowed to do your jobs.

To each and every SEAL who was involved with this rescue, and the rest who put your lives on the line everyday for our freedom – a sincere and heartfelt thank you.

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The President, Congress, and the Media are whipping up the American people into a National Hissy-Fit over AIG’s “bonuses”. Barney Frank wants their names, or he’ll subpoena AIG for them. Chucky-Cheese Schumer has promised to get the money back “one way or another.” The Media is running almost non-stop viewer statements of angry Americans who are apoplectic over these bonuses. I have never seen anything like it (more here). The closest was Congress and the Media beating up on the oil executives over “windfall profits” made at a time when gasoline cost over $4 per gallon.

It is obvious that Tim Geithner, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and the President knew about the pay structure of AIG. And these “bonuses” are a part of their pay structure. These are not some monetary version of the “cherry on top”, but are in fact an agreed upon portion of AIG’s payroll. Taxes will be paid on this money, well over a third, and probably half, of this money in fact will return to the Treasury (not the “American Taxpayer” – we will never see a dime). But, in the grand scheme of things – so what?

Congress agreed to bail out AIG. All they needed to do was suspend Mark-to-market accounting that drained AIG’s cash, but instead they handed the insurance giant a few huge checks. Congress did it without strings. Additional funding was provided for in the Stimulus Bill, and provisions included to exempt AIG (and other bailed-out corporations) from restrictions on meeting its payroll obligations. We fought and fought against this bill, however, it passed. Ironically, many – if not most, of the people who supported the Stimulus are now joining in this National Hissy-Fit.

Pardon me for a moment while I say…WE TOLD YOU SO!

Anyway, there is only ONE reason why the President and Congress began this Hissy-Fit. Class warfare. This was absolutely orchestrated and the Media, along with millions of Americans, fell for it hook…line…and sinker. Il Duce wants the average American to be beyond angry at bankers, Wall Street, and companies like AIG. He wants you to be angry at oil companies. He wants you to be jealous of Americans who earn more money than you.

He is playing you like a fiddle my friend.

Obama’s next step will be to subtly change his language to produce a distinction between those who work with their hands for a paycheck, and those who use intellect, or assets, to make a living. Bankers and Wall Street executives are a perfect target. The average American has no idea how the financial market works, nor can they comprehend the amount of money that flows through their hands. It does not matter how much these people work, or sacrificed to obtain their position. It does not matter how much education they have. It does not matter that these people are needed. It does not matter that they are our fellow citizens. To Il Duce, they are the enemy of the common worker, “the people”, and therefore, the State. The original Il Duce, Benito Mussolini, felt the same way and played the same game.

Socialism, and its evil twin Fascism, require that there is a distinction between workers and “the elite”. This distinction becomes a weapon to nationalize our financial institutions. It allows the criminalization of those who took risks with their assets, made loans, or created the widget everyone bought. With criminalization comes seizure of their “ill-gotten” assets to “return them to the American taxpayer.” When that happens, we will no longer be in a Representative Republic. Will will be in a Socialist State. Life in this country will be irrevocably altered, for the worse.

We need to wake up. WAKE UP! Stop giving in to these divisive hissy-fits. Call them what they are and fight to keep our country free. Please, don’t let me, as my last act of defiance before being arrested as a political dissident, type the words…”I TOLD YOU SO!”

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