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Paul Krugman was on Jim Lehrer’s Newshour last night giving a very good argument as to why Geithner’s new plan to tackle Toxic Assets will not work.  It’s worth a view.


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I love Family Guy.  While its has gotten a bit raunchy for my taste lately, there are many lessons which can be learned from the show.  Lessons that the Democratic Party could stand to learn.  Peter Griffin is a master at coming up with a crazy idea, ignorning his wife’s warnings through either selfishness, stupidity, or both, and making a monumental ass of himself.

An interesting Daily News opinion piece by Michael Goodwin was just released on Geithner’s House Ways and Means Committee meeting yesterday. It seems that, despite the fact that he himself is a tax cheat, now has the stones to go after tax cheats. We know that there are a bunch of tax-cheating libs in the Democratic party since they keep blaming everyone else for cheating on their taxes. Plus, just about every nomination Obama makes winds up being a tax dodger. So, Geithner’s supporters might have thought that they dodged a bullet when one of their own was confirmed, only to find out that he is coming after them.

We’ll see.

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