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A suicide bomber killed 31 people today, including five or six senior members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. Among the remaining dead were other Guard members, or local tribal leaders, and several dozen others were wounded. The story can be found here and here. Besides the Iranian leadership getting a small dose of their own medicine, what was really interesting is that Reuters quoted the Fars News Agency as blaming the bombing on terrorists backed by “the Great Satan America and its ally Britain,” even though a local Sunni group called Jundollah (God’s soldiers), claimed responsibility. According to Fars, a spokesman for Iran’s armed forces claimed Obama is backing the Jundollah in an effort to cause instability in the region.

Not in the distant future, we [Iran] will take revenge…

Of course, our State Department denies any involvement and condemned the attack.

Reports of alleged U.S. involvement are completely false.

Is this what Vice President Biden was talking about when he said the world would test Obama?  Probably not.  It will however damage the talks in Vienna due to begin tomorrow.  We know this because we can  use what we know of Iran’s leadership (i.e. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is flippin’ crazy) to come up with an educated guess of their intentions.  While I would not doubt Ahmadinejad is capable of hiring a bomber to kill his own people in a publicity stunt, and you must admit – the timing is perfect, whether he did or not is irrelevant.  He will use this to his advantage in two ways.  One, it will give him a reason to delay, cancel, or otherwise disrupt the talks being held to reign in Iran’s nuclear arms program.  Claiming one of the nations at the table just killed some of your crew will put a damper on negotiations.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall.  Two, he will also use this to foster additional hatred against the West, and America in particular.  This will make it easier to drum up popular support for an all out war against us, should Obama do what is necessary to eliminate the threat posed by a nuclear armed Iran.

Since Iran’s army is a bit lower class than Saddam’s army, the fight – if you could call it that – would be over quickly, even with Obama’s ridiculous changes to our rules of engagement.  But Ahmadinejad doesn’t need to engage us directly.  He could easily use this as a recruiting tool to find hundreds, if not thousands, of suicide bombers to send against our interests in the Middle East, or against us directly back home.  I picture something like every Iranian driven cab in New York City blowing up simultaneously during rush hour…which would be almost all of them.

Any country crazy enough to lie to their population about the origins of a terrorist attack, to drive them into a frenzy against the most powerful country in the world either deserves the smackdown we would give them, or has an ace up their sleeve.  I trust Ahmadinejad about as far as I can throw a pregnant camel, but at least we can be sure of one thing: Obama had nothing to do with this bombing.  How do I know that?  If he had a suicide bomber at his disposal, and had the balls to use him, I think his target would be something much more prescient…like the Fox News Building.


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Americans have a very difficult time relating to other countries. I’m not talking about our politicians, although they are affected as well. The average citizen seems to have a brain-lock and can only imagine other nations as some version of our own country. It’s as if the entire world is just a suburb of America. The bulk of the problem is that few Americans travel broadly, and therefore have no real frame of reference. That week you spent in Italy, or the vacation to the coast of Mexico doesn’t count. American’s insulate themselves in the comfortable areas, surrounded by comfortable things, and haven’t taken the time to really get to know another country.

The other part of the problem is our complete lack of an honest teaching of World History. Past seventh grade Social Studies, or tenth grade World History, most of us don’t give a second thought to our own history – much less that of other countries.

Our Media is no better, and twists every extra-national story until it fits with the American view of the world. We might briefly take notice of suffering or conflict in other areas, but only in passing, like we’re viewing a fender-bender on some heavily traveled road. “Oh wow, that looks bad,” we might say to a fellow passenger. Perhaps a comment to a store clerk we see later on. Then, poof, it’s out of our heads as we consider what size latte to imbibe.

To say this is a dangerous view would be an understatement. It is even more dangerous when our leaders share it. For the last thirty years, at least, the distinctly rosy American view of the world has pervaded our foreign policy. We have ignored those who actually know what is going on in this country or that – because they lived through it. Our leaders have continually failed to seek information from the “boots on the ground”, and instead allow National Geographic to paint the picture for them. It should be axiomatic that not every problem can be solved by talking. Sometimes giving a gift, or aid, makes things worse. And often, military intervention will have unintended consequences.

No place is more suited to teach this lesson than Somalia. Myself, I am no expert on the country. However, I refuse to learn about it solely from CNN. About all the average American knows is that the pirates sail from there, and it can be dangerous, so they should hide their money when visiting. Those who have been to that country and survived just chuckled. Somalia has been, and will continue to be, a completely failed nation.

If you would ever like to know what anarchy would look like, then Somalia is great. Otherwise, it is no place for anyone to be, especially the pale faced American who came for the beautiful beaches, and a taste for the “out-of-the-ordinary.” It is a place to get yourself killed. There is no real government, and the frail government that exists must work from neighboring Kenya. You will not find handy signs in downtown Mogadishu showing the “Art District” or the location of the nearest Starbucks. It is literally a living hell.

Islamic forces battle nationalist forces. Clans fight each other. The U.N. impotently tries to keep peace, but can merely keep peace in their own compound and listen to the sound of gunfire. All for one thing – control of the country. Helping any “side” is taken as a threat to the other factions. In their minds, everyone wants to control Somalia – the thought of humanitarian aid for the sake of helping the people is completely foreign to them. This country has never seen peace. It has never seen prosperity. And we simply have no frame of reference for that kind of life.

Any attempt to “fix” the problem will be received as either hostile or cowardly. It is really that simple. Sending Hilary Clinton will not help, you would literally be better off sending in a sixth grader to fix a nuclear power plant. There is no one in control to negotiate with, there is no Somali FBI to go after the pirates, there is no Legislature to pass laws against piracy. As cruel as it sounds, there are only two options for Somalia: One – Let the country complete it’s collapse, allow it to turn into an Islamic State run by Sharia Law then deal with it after it becomes a stable nation…in about 40-50 years. Two – A complete military take over of the country. Not setting up a base, or sending patrols, I mean a wipe-out-anyone-with-a-gun take over and make Somalia the 51st State.

There is no third solution, but it is doubtful that the Obama Administration will heed my warnings. Personally, I do not want Somalia to become part of our Union. So, dealing with the Pirates can only be done in one way – deterrence. Defend what you have, let Somalia sort itself out.

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The Somalian pirates have just flat gone too far. Hijacking an American ship? They’ve got…guts…I’ll say that for them. More than our President though. I can only assume that Obama ordered the USS Bainbridge to assist in the recovery effort of the Maersk Alabama, it’s crew, and humanitarian relief cargo. What we can no longer assume is that our President will take any steps necessary to eliminate a threat to U.S. citizens (and he still hasn’t, he’s just hanging around at the playground).

In a bold and brave move (hear the sarcasm, feel the sarcasm), Obama sent…the FBI. THE @#$% FBI!!! (It is a good thing my keyboard is built from a solid block of aluminum, ’cause I would have killed a plastic one just typing those last words). The FBI is a domestic police agency! These people are not committing crimes on U.S. soil…hell, they’re not even on soil. These pirates are threats to humanity and should be treated as such. Scaring them with a U.S. Navy Destroyer is a good start, and according to a communication the pirates had with Reuters via satellite phone, it was working.

We are surrounded by warships and don’t have time to talk…please pray for us.

Oh, I’ll pray for you alright. Pray that you crap your pants when looking down the barrel of one of the most fearsome pieces of hardware in the U.S. arsenal – the Apache Helicopter. I’ll pray you do the right thing – chuck your weapons overboard, swim back to Somalia (especially since you’re out of gas), and take up farming.

My hat goes up to the brave crew and captain of the M. Alabama. They, at least, had the guts to take their ship back. The captain also had the guts, and character, to trade himself for the crew. That is more than I can say for our esteemed leader and his incompetent Attorney General, Eric Holder, who’s only response was to say that the United States will take whatever steps are needed to protect U.S. shipping interests against pirates.

Whatever steps are needed? What is needed is for you to sit down and shut up while the adults take care of this! Eric, you should not even be involved, this is not a criminal action. Piracy has not been a problem for the U.S. in over 200 years because we blew them out of the water. It will continue unless we blow them out of the water. Sending some suit with a law degree is not going to earn their respect and win their favor. Massive firepower will. But this is just typical of an administration that is so wrapped up in itself it can’t call a terrorist a terrorist. So to hell with the suits, send in the gunships.

(The above picture is an image of the pirates with an Apache I photoshopped in. That is how you are supposed to take care of these pieces of filth.)

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Twenty “insurgents” and seven soldiers are dead after an eight hour gun battle in Maguindanao province, South Philippines.  The Army attacked rebels from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front to protect nearby villages, reported the BBC (link). MILF [this group needs a new name], is the largest separatist group in the country, and has been fighting for independence of the South Philippines.

The government has been engaged in peace talks off and on with the groups for some time. No date has been set to restart talks, which the government is anxious to resume.

MILF spokesman Eid Kabalu disputed how many people had died in the clashes, and accused the military of “playing games”.

“This attack only proves they want to create confusion on the ground at a time when government is trying to restart the talks,” he told the AFP news agency.

Muslims, however, do not view negotiations as a sign of strength. Any peace talks must bear this in mind, as well as the Islamic tactic of using cease fires as a time to regroup. In their minds, the South Philippines has become Islamic territory and are now merely defending it. To win back the South Philippines, the government must wipe out the separatists. Anything less will just create more problems and lead to more fighting in the future.

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Apparently, Muslim’s can’t take a joke – or the truth either, so they need the U.N. to protect them from cartoons or criticism of Muhammad. Those poor, poor Muslims.

“Defamation of religion is a serious affront to human dignity leading to a restriction on the freedom of their adherents and incitement to religious violence,” the adopted text said. “Islam is frequently and wrongly associated with human rights violations and terrorism.”

Wrongly associated with terrorism?! Wow, been hitting the hukka pipe a bit to often. With, what, 99.9999% of the world’s terrorists being Muslim, I can’t possibly see us wrongly associating the religion with the activity. Well then, riddle me this Batman, if Islam can now not be criticized, I’m sure we will see the bashing of Christianity stop any moment now…(insert sound of chirping crickets)…wait for it…(more crickets, perhaps a dog barking in the distance). Or better yet, perhaps the human rights violations against Christians in Muslim countries will stop. Hmmm? Didn’t think so.

Until then, I only have four words…Muhammad was a pedophile.

(thanks michrene for the tip)

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This story comes from the harmless, beautiful country of Bahrain, where the local Muslims are peaceful, fun-loving, and friendly. A group of “youths”, who are actually 19 – 21, abducted, robbed, and gang-raped a Filipina woman. The defense lawyer (a woman) Ms Al Hawaj told judges that her clients were youngsters and that “minors’ often committed crimes for fun, without ill-intent.”

“It is general knowledge that youngsters commit crimes for the fun of it and not with the intention to harm others and I request the court to take that into consideration and clear my clients of the charges,” she argued.

There is absolutely something wrong with any culture where this would be allowed in a system of justice. I seriously doubt this story will ever make it into any level of the American news – and the odds it will be picked up by the MSM is effectively zero.

The case is being held over until April 12th.

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