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Don’t know if you caught this interview, but it is worth watching again and sharing.


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Russian President Dmitry Medvedev called Obama “My new comrade!” on Thursday after their person to person talks. He went on to say that Obama is “totally different” than G.W. Bush.

“I liked the talks. It is easy to talk to him. He can listen. The start of this relationship is good,” he said, adding: “Today it’s a totally different situation (compared to Bush)… This suits me quite well.”

Adding further

“Today from the United States there is at least a desire to listen to our arguments,” he said, adding that: “Such defense measures should be carried out jointly” between Washington and Moscow.

The missile defense plan was “a mistake that the previous US administration is responsible for. Many of my European colleagues also believe this,” the Russian leader added, without specifying who.

While Obama has stated publicly that he will continue with the missile defense “shield” in Poland and other Eastern NATO allies, it is possible, and likely, that he will capitulate when engaged in talks in Moscow, which are scheduled for July.

Appeasement is a typical strategy for the Left, as is leaving our allies out in the cold. NATO supports the missile shield, but of course, Russia does not. Giving ourselves a massive technical and military advantage would make them much less likely to launch an attack – on us or our allies. So would giving in to disarmament talks, which are also expected.

What is needed is not friendship with Russia. Their worldview and ours is incompatible. Their economic and political systems are also incompatible. All that is required is a dose of healthy respect, and an open channel of communication to ensure there are no misunderstood overtures. Anything more will ultimately place us on the weaker side of the scale.

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In The Sunday Times, November 9th, 2008 is this bit of classic journalism by Chris Gourlay and Georgia Warren.

Barack Obama has proved that soaring, sustained oratory still has great power. His victory address to crowds in Chicago last week was widely regarded as one of the finest speeches in modern politics, delivered by a master.

“There’s no doubt Obama looks like a classically trained rhetorician,” said Robert Harris, author of Imperium and an expert on Cicero, the great Roman orator depicted in the book. “The use of gesture, stillness of the body and economy of movement is very dramatic.

“He delivers a powerful mixture of classically trained cool and the heat of the traditional African-American church: his use of repetition, the whooping-up of the crowd, the response of the audience.”

Uh huh. And then we have this video.

There seems to be a bit of a disconnect.

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